Thursday, 19 March 2020

GACC (CNCA) Registration: The first step of your meat export to China!

China is a huge market for any meat exporter at present.According to the import record from China Customs House,in 2019,China imported 2,108,000 tons of port meat and 1,659,000 tons of beef,increased 75% and 59.7% respectively than the previous year. It shows that China is now the biggest meat importer on the globe, attracting thousands of overseas meat exporters worldwide. 

To export your meat to China market,the prerequisite is to register your slaughterhouse or meat processing establishment at GACC (, before March, 2018, this job was done by CNCA (, a part of AQSIQ), so we also called it as AQSIQ or CNCA registration at that time in China. Currently, we call this service as GACC (or CNCA) Registration in China.

How to register your establishment at GACC? You have to submit lots of documents to CNCA for application and accessment. With a right qualified consultant like us, you can save much more time and cost in China. Here are the registration steps for you to follow while registering your establishment at GACC:

Welcome to China ! Other than meat products, if you are exporting aquatic products,dairy products,bird nests and honey etc,you are aslo required to register your factory at GACC first before you export to Mainland China !

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