Friday, 7 January 2022

2022 Hot-Sale Portable Mosquito Net with Stabilizers

 We have sold out millions of portable mosquito nets since early 2020. Our hot-sale portable mosquito nets have been upgraded and improved a lot since the launch of this product in 2019. Look, this is the 2022 version of STIN portable mosquito net in China: 

Compared with the old versions of portable mosquito nets, this new version (2022 version) features in three aspects: 

First: Better fixator (stabilizer) to make it more stable (firmer)

Here is the stabilizer for 2022 version: 

Here is the stabilizer for 2021 version: 

The cost of 2022 version of stabilizer is around 0.5 USD higher than that of 2021. 

Second: Better fabric (raw materials)  and workmanship 

This is the 2022 version fabric 

This is the 2021 fabric and workmanship.

 Apparently the new one looks much better. 

STIN hot-sale mosquito net is very simple, foldable, portable, easy to install and convenient to use, it is widely used in home, outdoor, camping, travel, and military activities etc.  There are many similar products on the market at the moment and some customers do not know how to check the quality. They look like the same but when you check the product carefully, you can still find out the quality differences in many aspects: workmanship, the fabric, the frame, and the spare parts etc. Different fabrics, spare parts and frames have different costs in China. Please contact us for any question related if you are interested in working as our sole distributors at your end. 

On Youtube you can find out a brief introduction on this new product as well, please check

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

GACC Registration- the First Step to Export Your Food, Meat and Rice etc to China !

       As required by China Customs regulations, all feed, feed additives, and food exported to China from overseas suppliers/manufacturers need to be registered according to different products, levels, and requirements implemented by the General Administration of Customs of China ( GACC) which is the government’s body responsible for product and enterprise registration access. This process is also called GACC registration service. 

What's GACC access?

     According to the "Measures for the Inspection, Quarantine, Supervision and Administration of Import and Export Feed and Feed Additives",According to the "Measures for the Inspection, Quarantine, Supervision and Administration of Import and Export Feed and Feed Additives", the General Administration of Customs implements a registration system for manufacturers in countries or regions that allow the import of feed, and imported feed should come from registered overseas manufacturers. Including feed, feed additives, processed animal protein and oil, etc.Including feed, feed additives, processed animal protein and oil, etc. Here is the GACC website: 

Why Need GACC Registration?

        According to the "Measures for the Administration of Import and Export Food Safety", "Provisions on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Production Enterprises of Imported Food" of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, since January 2022, all companies exporting food to China will need to be admitted. Please check the official notice below:  and

How To Apply?

       According to different food classifications, the registration methods are two: 

      One is the registration recommended by government authorities, that is, via the competent authority of the country (region) where the overseas production company is located. The other way is the registration by the company itself. 

       Here is the Food Catalogue Recommended by Competent Authorities and Registration Method:

      Meat & Meat Products, Casing, Aquatic Products,Dairy Products, Bird's Nest & Bird's Nest Products; Bee Products, Eggs & Egg Products,Edible Fats & Oils, Wheaten Food with Fillings,Food Grains; Products of the Cereal's Milling Industry & Malt,Fresh & Dehydrated Vegetables, Dried Beans; Seasoning,Nuts & Seeds,Dried Fruit, Unroasted Coffee Beans & Cocoa Beans, Foods for Special Dietary Uses, Health Food.; 

       Here is the Food Catalogue Directly Registered by Enterprises:

      Beverages, Convenient Food, Biscuits,Frozen Drinks,Tubers & Puffed Foods,Confectionery Products; Tea & Related Products,Liquor & Alcoholic Beverage,Starch & Starch Products,Bean Products, Other foods.

Our services:

1. Evaluate the products to determine whether they meet the Chinese food import standards;

2. Confirm the classification of products and registration method ;

3. Assist enterprises to prepare materials according to different requirements, and make necessary adjustment and translation;

4. Apply for registration to the General Administration of Customs of China through the country where the enterprise is located or directly in accordance with different requirements; 

5. Follow up the registration process and complete the registration.

      For the exporters of items from Self-Registration Food Category, please simply register and submit the documents online: 

      For more information related, you free to contact us for any question related. 

MARA Registered License, the First Step to Export Your Pet Food or Additives etc to China !

      MARA license is a must for the pet food, food additives and feedstuff etc exporting to China. 

What is MARA License ? 

      According to the provision of import feed and feed additives registration measures from the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China, The first time foreign enterprises export feed and feed additives to China should apply and get registration license issued by Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs China ( MARA) otherwise they will not be allowed to sell and use the product in China, Also like the new "measure" required for overseas enterprises to apply for Import registration for their products shall entrust an authorized agent in China to handle the registration on their behalf. Overseas factories who want to export feed or food products to China need to apply for GACC Access. Pet food, Feed additives and part of feed ingredients need apply for REGISITERED LICENSE to Ministry of Agriculture (MARA). We call it the application of MARA License. Here is the official website of MARA: 

What types of items need MARA license ? 

      Type of feed products that need MARA registration, Not all feeds need MARA registration, usually include the following types:

 ● The single feeds

● Feed additives

● Pre-mixture

● Compound feed ( food)

● Concentrate feed

● Concentrate supplement

● Animal feedstuff

● Other protein feed, energy feed, and their mixture(not contain the mass feed raw materials, such as palm meals)

Note: The raw materials used in imported feed should be listed in China's raw material catalog, STIN provides free product evaluation to determine whether it meets the requirements. 

Here is the sample of the license from MARA: 

Our Professional Consulting Service covers: 

1.Guidance for enterprises on delivering application through local competent quarantine authority;

2.Assisting enterprises to comply with relevant laws and regulations on quarantine in China and providing training and countermeasure services. 

3. General Administration of Customs (GACC) registration follow-up, and results feedback;

4. Counseling before on-site inspection;

5. Assisting the enterprises in passing on-site inspection and renew the quarantine access list.

For more information related, you free to contact us for any question related.