Sunday, 16 October 2022

The copper wire business in China (Copper business scammer )

If you are sourcing metal scraps from China, especially for copper, aluminum, and tin ingot etc, please be careful as we have found out lots of scammers for our customers worldwide from North China.

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This is one the warehouse we inspected for a customer recently. They seem to be a typical scammer as well.

Friday, 7 January 2022

2022 Hot-Sale Portable Mosquito Net with Stabilizers

 We have sold out millions of portable mosquito nets since early 2020. Our hot-sale portable mosquito nets have been upgraded and improved a lot since the launch of this product in 2019. Look, this is the 2022 version of STIN portable mosquito net in China: 

Compared with the old versions of portable mosquito nets, this new version (2022 version) features in three aspects: 

First: Better fixator (stabilizer) to make it more stable (firmer)

Here is the stabilizer for 2022 version: 

Here is the stabilizer for 2021 version: 

The cost of 2022 version of stabilizer is around 0.5 USD higher than that of 2021. 

Second: Better fabric (raw materials)  and workmanship 

This is the 2022 version fabric 

This is the 2021 fabric and workmanship.

 Apparently the new one looks much better. 

STIN hot-sale mosquito net is very simple, foldable, portable, easy to install and convenient to use, it is widely used in home, outdoor, camping, travel, and military activities etc.  There are many similar products on the market at the moment and some customers do not know how to check the quality. They look like the same but when you check the product carefully, you can still find out the quality differences in many aspects: workmanship, the fabric, the frame, and the spare parts etc. Different fabrics, spare parts and frames have different costs in China. Please contact us for any question related if you are interested in working as our sole distributors at your end. 

On Youtube you can find out a brief introduction on this new product as well, please check

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