Wednesday, 18 October 2017

STIN Pre-shipment QC Inspection - To be your eyes at Chinese factories!

      STIN Pre-shipment QC Inspection is an inspection of all the finished products,documents,package,shipping marks,quantity etc of your order at the factory.This service shall be performed when the order is 80-100% completed.

     Key features for Pre-shipment QC Inspection Service: 

  - Performed prior to the delivery of the shipment

  - Cater for large orders or the order with strict quality requirements. 

  - Prevent any defective products before loading

  - Checking of quality, workmanship and measurements

  - Quantity check

  - Appearance check

  - Style, color & material check

  - Function test /safety check

  - Package details check: shipping marks, label, hangtag, manner of packing, packing qty, safety of packing etc.

     STIN provides a range of Quality Control inspection services for overseas buyers, manufacturers, retailers and bulk commodity traders, including pre-production, during-production, final random sampling, pre-shipment, and loading process supervision inspection etc.

     Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China, we are simply acting as your own eyes,assistants and office in China !

     Would you like to reduce the risks and smooth your business in China ? Try Us Now !