Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Latest list of Chemicals or Non-ferrous Metals fraud companies in China

Reference List "Suspect Fraud Cheating Company" Appendix I Updating August 21, 2013
(Data from CCPIT&CCOIC ShiJiaZhuang, Hebei and STIN Verification Team )
1. Hebei Top Chemical Co., Ltd.
Fax:86-0311-66043180 0311-69030215 18332490215
Address: RENHE BUSINESS BUILDING, SHIJIAZHUANG, HEBEI, CHINA Fraud,cheat,swindler:chemical,non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

2.shijiazhuang freeway paper product co.,ltd.
Address South Avenue and South Second Ring Road Construction Cross One kilometer Road exit south west
Tel 0311-87731660 / 87760488/85496778
Mobile phone 13930443096
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Paper

3.shijiazhuang yinquan chemical
86-311-85263828 13785183822
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

4.Shijiazhuang Kuobond titanium industry Co.,Ltd
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

5. Shijiazhuang Dongte Rubber Technology Co.,Ltd
Add: 1-1-5119 room, Lianbang Mingzhu, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China
Tel: 86-311-89949342
Fax: 86-311-89949342
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical,rubber

6.Wuhan Outai Huitong Trading Co., Ltd
Fraud,cheat,swindler: non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

Fraud,cheat,swindler: non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

8.Shijiazhuang Baina Chemical Co.,Ltd
0311 80815085
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical,rubber

9.Shijiazhuang BaiGuang Copper Export-Import Co.,Ltd
Address:Zhong Ji Li Yu, Pingan North Street, Qiao Dong District,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China Phone:86-0311-67797518 vicky jia
Fraud,cheat,swindler: non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

10. Shijiazhuang(qingdao) namoer chemical
ROoM 3-2-802,YINGRUI JIAYUAN HUA XING ROAD, SHIJIAZHUANG, Hebei, China Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

11.Nanjing Shengyou Metallic Material Co., Ltd. include Shijiazhuang Branch
025-85888868 025-52629271
Fraud,cheat,swindler:non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

12.ShanXi Jinbaili Chemical Logistics Co.,Ltd include shijiazhuang Branch
Tel:86-351-3788974 Mobile:86-13784371964 Fax:86-351-3788974
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

13.Cangzhou Chenghua Chemical Co.Ltd include shijiazhuang branch
311-87368842 18633802800

14.Qingdao ZhanPeng Chemicals Co., Ltd including shijiazhuang branch
Tel:+86-0532-86786857 Fax:+86-0532-86786857 Mobile:+86-18561391392

15.Shanxi Termei Chemical Co.,Ltd including shijiazhuang branch
Tel:351-5228108 0311 67909163 15383294630

16.YIDAXING CHEMICAL GROUP LIMITED 311-67592631 311-67592465 http:// Address:Donggang Road No.46 shijiazhuang city,Hebei Province
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

17.shijiazhuang yingfan paper trading co,.ltd
18633001331 311-87247669 311-83812005 david liu
Fraud,cheat,swindlerd: Paper

18.Tianjin Graco Co.,Ltd=tianjin gurui Shjiazhuang Gurui Co.,Ltd
86-22-60392938 paper 0311-69000381 chemical
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical,paper

19.Tsingtao(qingdao) Tiansen Paper Industry Co.,Ltd including shijiazhuang branch Fraud,cheat,swindler: Paper

20.Hebei Qingmei Chemical Co.,Ltd
0086-311-87283332 87283331
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

21. Shijiazhuang Weizheng Chemical Co., Ltd
Add: Room 7315 No.7 Nanhuanwangjiao Shitong road Qiaoxi
Tel: 86-311-67699756
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

22.Tianjin Jinmaoding Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-22-60380095 15532432312
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

Tel:86-571--82103762 Tel:311-89871990
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

24.Hebei Yihao Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Tel: 0086-311-85981299 Fax: 0086-311-85981199 E-mail: Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

Tel: 311-80812058 Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical,Cable

26.Shijiazhuang Benyu Chemical Manufacturer
Tel: (86 311) 80728769 Fax: (86 311) 86672537 Mobile: (86) 13673183669
Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical

27.Shijiazhuang Zhaoxian Yongjin Chemical same as shijiazhuang yongjin import and export co.,ltd. 0311-84880351 311-85520732 Fraud,cheat,swindler: Chemical,metal

28.Shenzhen ouluo metal co.,ltd. including shijiazhuang branch shijiazhuang phone:15333118123 Fraud,cheat,swindler: non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

29.DaLian HuiFeng Source Chemicals Co,.Ltd including shijiazhuang branch Tel:86-411-62933075 Fax:86-411-62933075 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

30.Shijiazhuang Tianqi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd Shanxi Tianqi Chemical Co., Ltd. Fraud,cheat,swindler:chemical

31.Tianjin luyuan metal materials sales co., ltd Room 2309B, xinzhuang Economic service center, jingu Road, No818, xinzhuang Creative industry park, Tianjin Tianjin China
Tel: 0311-69031836 Fraud,cheat,swindler: non-ferrous metal ingot scrap

32.Shijiazhuang Dunheng Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd
Phone:0311-89801245 15630103368
6-2-501Hongxing Garden Estate 56 Hongxing Street Xinhua District Shijiazhuang
Fraud,cheat,swindler: rubber

33.Shijiazhuang Tangtai Rubber Co.,Ltd.
SOUTH OF ZHONGHUA STREET Shijiazhuang Hebei China 86-0311-66689628
Fraud,cheat,swindler: rubber

34.ShiJiaZhuang Sino Way Chemical Co., Ltd
311-68008207 13933116752
Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

35.HENGSHIDA CHEMICALS CO., LTD ,qingdao including shijiazhuang branch
Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

36.Shijiazhuang Chucai trade Co.LTD.
No.676 Chengjiao St,Qiaoxi Dis,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China 86-0311-83036287
Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical,non-ferrous metal ingot scrap,paper

37.Hebei Pengcheng Trade Co. Ltd.
Duanlutou Town Development Zone Hebei Xingtai, Hebei 054000 China
86 319 5396838 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical,non-ferrous metal ingot scrap,paper
38.xuzhou yachang imp&exp co.,ltd
0311-67508400 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical,non-ferrous metal ingot scrap,paper

39.SHANDONG JINING GREENFOREST PAPER CO., LTD including shijiazhuang branch
86-0531-2121088 Fraud,cheat,swindler: paper

40.Hebei Duoke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd,
Chun Jiang Hua Yue, 18 Building 2 unit 1002 room,Qiao Xi District, Shijiazhuang,HeBei Province,China
Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

41.HUAHAI INTEL HOLDING 15333116354 IVY 18822091793 0311-89859952 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical,non-ferrous metal ingot scrap,paper

42.Shenyang Aierte Trade Co. Ltd including shijiazhuang branch 15613172927 Fraud,cheat,swindler: paper

43.TianJin Kaiou Chemical Technology Co, Ltd including shijiazhuang branch 022-60297292 13313216812 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical,non-ferrous metal ingot scrap,paper

44.Wuhan Mengdifu Chemicals Co., Ltd including shijiazhuang branch 86-27-59496381 0311-69031637 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

45.Gaocheng yingchun chemical co.;ltd same as (shandong)Gaoxin Chemical Tech Co.; Ltd 0311-80761997 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

46.Shijiazhuang Guanghua Biotech Co.,Ltd. No.466 East Zhongshan Road Shijiazhuang of China Tel:86-311-87619827 Fax:86-311-87619827 Mobile Phone:86-18633935502 Fraud,cheat,swindler: chemical

47.Shandong Haoweis Plastic &
Address:Jihongtan Street,Chengyang District, 
Qingdao Shandong China
Tel: 86-0532-86120539  Fax: 86-0532-86120539
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