Friday, 9 May 2014

Benefits of operating business in China

Since its open-door policy of the late 1970s, China has rapidly become a rising global economic power. more and more foreign investors start to do business in China mainly in high-tech, agricultural, forestry, telecommunication and energy industry. China's WTO entry marks a watershed in its ongoing reform and modernization program, seeing the country adapt its legal and regulatory framework of foreign trade and investment in line with its WTO commitments. as a major emerging market which embraces new business opportunities and challengers, foreign investors are more likely to start doing their business in China. The advantages in doing business in China: Major emerging market; Large trained labor pool; Favorable business atmosphere; Dynamic fast-growing economy; Rapidly increasing consumer wealth; Very low employment costs; Furthermore, as a dynamic market and international investors and buyers can find a wide range of quality products at very competitive prices to start their business. for instance, lots of investors start doing business in China in producing textiles, apparel and footwear; raw materials, metals and chemicals; toys and handicrafts; and foodstuffs, among others. Besides the obvious potential for selling consumer goods, China has a requirement for a wide range of agricultural and industrial raw materials, high tech components, capital goods and services. due to the rapid development of the Chinese economy, it offers sellers ample opportunity to place goods in this fast growing economy to expand their worldwide business. many top brand names from across the world can now be found in the local high street of most major Chinese cities. STIN ( Service is aiming to help you invest in China smoothly with their professional services: Market Survey, Consulting, Biz Investigation, Incorporation Service etc.. Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China!