Friday, 20 March 2020

Stin Quality Control Inspection Service - Your Eyes in the Supply Chain in China!

The on-site QC inspection plays a very important role in your sourcing in China,especially when your order is big enough. Product jnspections allow you to verify product quality on site at different stages of the production process prior to its loading. STIN company offers 4 different types of quality control inspection services nationwide in China, that is:

PPI - Pre-production QC Inspection
The Pre-Production QC Inspection is an inspection of all the manufacturing equipments & machinery, raw materials, package, materials and components to be used for the smooth execution of your order.Our inspector shall check whether your supplier can completely understand your requirements  or not. The factory's quality level, manufacturing process, production capacity, production standards, labels, package requirements, stock of raw materials, after-sale services and lead time etc shall also be checked and confirmed in this service.

Key features for Pre-production QC Inspection Service:
- Performed prior to mass production
- Cater for large orders or the order with strict quality requirements.
- Ensure your specifications and sourcing requirements are correctly understood by the factory
- Make sure the factory is fully prepared to meet your expectations
- Prevent any potential flaws and failure in the mass production
- Checking of stock of raw materials and production capacities
- Prevent usage of wrong material, wrong components, wrong colors, etc
- Check other aspects of the supplier required from the clients.

DPI - During-Production QC Inspection
The During-Production QC Inspection is mainly an inspection of semi-products, stock of raw materials, production process,package requirements,workmanship etc during the production of your order in China.

Key features for During-production QC Inspection Service:
- Performed prior to payment of the rest balance.
- Cater for large orders or the order with strict quality requirements.
-Check stock of raw materials and manufacturing process to make sure the lead time is correct.
- Make sure the factory is strictly following your QC requirement during the production
- Find out the defects and improve the quality level during the mass production
- Prevent usage of wrong materials and avoid re-work on your order.
- Check the packing materials, labels, shipping marks etc regarding your order.
- Avoid other illegal activities during your order (e.g. Child laborers are not allowed during production.)

PSI - Pre-shipment QC Inspection
The Pre-shipment QC Inspection is an inspection of all the finished products, documents, package, shipping marks,quantity etc of your order at the factory. This service shall be performed when the order is 80-100% completed.

Key features for Pre-shipment QC Inspection Service:
- Performed prior to the delivery of the shipment
- Cater for large orders or the order with strict quality requirements. 
- Prevent any defective products before loading
- Checking of quality, workmanship and measurements
- Quantity check
- Appearance check
- Style, color & material check
- Function test /safety check
- Package details check: shipping marks, label, hangtag, manner of packing, packing qty, safety of packing etc.

LPS - Loading Process Supervision Service
Loading Process Supervision Service means STIN inspector shall go to the factory's warehouse together with the shipper, overseeing the process of loading on behalf of the clients in China after they pay the factory. The purpose of a Supervision of Loading Process is to make sure the factory will deliver the right Quantity or Quality after the buyer pays the order.

Key features for Loading Process Supervision Service:
- Quantity check.
- Package check
- Documents check
- Record the container/ No. / truck No.
- Check the inner and outer side of the container to see if there is any damage / wet / hole / peculiar smell etc.
- Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with clients' specification
- Supervise the whole loading process
- Seal the container with the custom's seal
- Record the unique seal No. and departure time of container.

Among all above QC inspections, PSI is the most important and popular among our clients worldwide. For more information, please feel free to contact us by email or whatsapp:0086-186-27558166

Thursday, 19 March 2020

GACC (CNCA) Registration: The first step of your meat export to China!

China is a huge market for any meat exporter at present.According to the import record from China Customs House,in 2019,China imported 2,108,000 tons of port meat and 1,659,000 tons of beef,increased 75% and 59.7% respectively than the previous year. It shows that China is now the biggest meat importer on the globe, attracting thousands of overseas meat exporters worldwide. 

To export your meat to China market,the prerequisite is to register your slaughterhouse or meat processing establishment at GACC (, before March, 2018, this job was done by CNCA (, a part of AQSIQ), so we also called it as AQSIQ or CNCA registration at that time in China. Currently, we call this service as GACC (or CNCA) Registration in China.

How to register your establishment at GACC? You have to submit lots of documents to CNCA for application and accessment. With a right qualified consultant like us, you can save much more time and cost in China. Here are the registration steps for you to follow while registering your establishment at GACC:

Welcome to China ! Other than meat products, if you are exporting aquatic products,dairy products,bird nests and honey etc,you are aslo required to register your factory at GACC first before you export to Mainland China !

Monday, 9 March 2020

750 China enterprises went bankrupt in the first of 2 months in 2020

750 enterprises went bankrupt within 60 days, highlighting the importance of supplier auditing service before placing any big order in China now.

According to the data released by People's Court Announcement (, as of March 01, 2020, 750 enterprises in Mainland China went bankrupt during the first 2 months in 2020 with different reasons. From Jan 25 to Feb 21, 249 enterprises closed the door, among them 55 of them are from Guangdong, Zhejiang,Jiangsu and Shandong has 32,30 and 21 respectively. The rest is scattering over 26 provinces or areas from Mainland China. From the data we found that 92% of the broken enterprises are private companies and the rest 8% are state-owned companies.

More and more clients are seeking third-party auditing services to control the risk during their business in China.Our supplier inspection & auditing service saw a 30% increase since last month in such cases as it can play an important role in reducing the risks in doing business in China. Supplier inspection is the first step to their successful business in China, especially for large orders. You do not have to travel around China and visit your suppliers now in person under such severe COVID-19 contagion risk. Try our Supplier Inspection & Auditing Service now to find out the truth for you in China.

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