Friday, 8 April 2016

STIN Group: China to be the largest exporter for used cooking oil in the coming 5 years

Around 10 factories in China has obtained ISCC EU certificate as of today,even one supplier in Anhui exported 100000 containers of waste cooking oil within only one month last year.

China used cooking oil is the best raw material for bio-diesel production in Europe.

STIN UCO, short for STIN UCO RENEWABLE ENERGY CO. LTD is a part of STIN GROUP, STIN UCO focuses exclusively on the business of Used Cooking Oil, covering the collection, refinement, development, processing, manufacturing and export of all kinds of used cooking oil in China. STIN UCO factory is located in Shenze county, Hebei province, we have used cooking oil collectors working for us in Beijing, Chengdu, Sichuan, Henan and Shandong etc
UCO factory has been certified with ISCC and STIN UCO is striving to be the largest UCO collector, producer and exporter in the coming 5 years. STIN UCO has been successfully exported tens of thousands of containers of UCO to UK and European market so far. STIN UCO factory is able to collect and produce around 5000 -- 10000 tons per month at present, depending on the specific product details from the clients worldwide. 

Here are the regular used cooking oil indexes (specifications) that we are exporting to European market at present:  
1.FFA (free fatty acids): 5% Max
M&I (moisture and impurities): 2% Max
Iodine Value (IV): Min 80 G IOD/100G
Sulphur Content: Max 30 MG/KG
2.FFA 5% max
M.I. 2% max
IV 85 min
Sulphur 50ppm max
3.Free Fatty Acids - max 5%, 
Impurities - max 1%
Water - max 1%
Sulphur - max 50 ppm
Idoine Value min 85+
Polyethylene max 50ppm
4.FFA (free fatty acids): 3% Max
M&I (moisture and impurities): 2% Max
Iodine Value (IV): Min 80 G IOD/100G
Sulphur Content: Max 30 ppm
Water content: 1% Max
Insoluble substances: 1% Max
Unsaponifiable: 1% Max
Polyethylene (PE): 50 ppm Max
5. FFA (free fatty acids): 2% Max
M&I (moisture and impurities): 1% Max
Iodine Value (IV): Min 75 G IOD/100G
Sulphur Content: Max 40 MG/KG
6.FFA (free fatty acids): 2% Max
M&I (moisture and impurities): 1% Max
Iodine Value (IV): Min 80 G IOD/100G
Sulphur Content: Max 35 MG/KG

China still remains largest market for luxury goods

BEIJING - Luxury market observers say that China, the world's largest market, looks likely to continue to make up for the weaker demand elsewhere.
Today, Chinese shoppers account for nearly half of the global luxury market, providing an invaluable demand to brands in every segment. Data from Fortune Character Institute, a Shanghai-based luxury research consultancy, show China's luxury spending in 2015 totalled $16.8 billion, up 9 percent, year on year.

Observers find that educated, well-traveled and tech-savvy younger generation shoppers are emerging as the new target market.

"The Chinese customer is becoming a lot more global,"said Andrew Keith, president of Lane Crawford, the high-end fashion retailer headquartered in Hong Kong."There's a real thirst for newness."

They also find that Chinese consumers are shifting from visibly branded goods to a focus on quality.

"Our research found that 39 percent of wealthy Chinese think the logo is no longer the priority," said Tina Zhou of the Fortune Character Institute. "Now they buy luxury goods for their own enjoyment. Niche high-end brands as well as bespoke products, as a result, are becoming new drivers of luxury consumption."

Keith said women's wear is the fastest-growing portion of the company's mainland China business, accounting for 50 percent of sales.