Thursday, 4 September 2014

How to Employ Local Staff in China

China is very rich in human resources due to her large population and normally, as a foreign investor, you have following channels to employ a right and qualified local staff in China:

Headhunting Service
Headhunting service is catered for employing high quality talents, here is a list of TOP 15 headhunters in China, the investor is suggested to contact them directly and compare their services and experiences one by one, then choose a right one to work with in the future:

Hunter China:
Bo Le:
Diamond :
Career Intl: 
Reach Talent:
Talent Sky:
Human Resource Market
Almost each province or city has their own Human Resource Market, where employers can meet and employ some qualified talents at local regular job fairs. But those job fairs are normally catered for workers and low-level talents, high quality staff are normally sourced by headhunters.

HR Platforms (Recruitment Service) :
Online sourcing is also a popular way for investors to find out some qualified staff in China, here is a list of Top 5 Recruitment Service companies in China, the employer can simply search some talents online via following platforms:

BOSS Zhipin: 
China HR: www.
Lie Pin:
51 Job:
Media Advertising
Media advertising is also a normal way for people to employ a right staff in China:
Linkedin, Facebook, Skillpages, 58, Ganji etc are internet resources while TV, outdoor recruitment campaign and news paper advertising etc are also popular among some famous brands in China.
Some foreign investors also use local investigation service to fully check out their high quality staff before formally employing them in China.

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