Thursday, 4 September 2014

How to lease a right office in China?

According to the laws and regulations in China, you must lease the office space first before applying and registering a company. An office from CBD area in each city would be a good address for foreign investors to register a company. Normally for a foreign investor, he has following channels to lease an office:

1.      Service Provider
Some business service companies like STIN ( can also offer Office-Lease service in China; they will source, verify and check out the right office space based on the detailed requirements from the clients worldwide.

2.      Real Estate Broker
Every city has tens of hundreds of real estate brokers in China and they also offer office-lease services, the investor can work with them directly after choose a right city to invest.

3.      Virtual Office Service
Virtual Office service is now popular in big cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing etc but in other cities it is still not available.

4.      House Owner:
This is rare but if you’re luckily enough, you can find out the real property owner and you can sign a lease contract with him directly if both of you can communicate smoothly. You can find out some lease information online as well.

Whatever channel you will use, you have to check their identity card and their property license (or certificates) issued by local government authorities, then sign a formal lease contract both in Chinese and English.

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