Monday, 17 August 2020

2020 Top 20 China Paper Maker


    As of Jan 1,2020,there are more than 2700 active paper enterprises in Mainland China and in 2019 China totally produced 107.65 million tons of paper and paperboard, increased 3.16% over the previous year. China consumed 107.04 million tons of paper in 2019. Nine Dragons Paper Group topped No.1 with an annual paper production of 15.02 million tons in 2019. Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian provinces are the top 5 paper manufacturing bases according to the official data from CPA (China Paper Association). Here is the list of TOP 20 paper maker in 2020 in terms of production capacity in Mainland China, released by CPA: 

No.1 Nine Dragons Paper Group 玖龙纸业 Website:

No.2 Leeman Paper 理文造纸 Website:

No.3 Chenming Group 晨鸣纸业 Website:

No.4 Sun Paper Group 太阳纸业 Website: 

No.5 Shanying Group 山鹰国际 Website: 

No.6 Huatai Group 华泰集团 Website: 

No.7 China Paper Group 中国纸业 Website:

No.8 Zhonghua Paper 中华纸业 Website: 

No.9 Rongcheng Paper 荣成环保 Website: 

No.10 Bohui Group 博汇集团 Website: 

No.11 Liansheng Paper 联盛纸业 Website:

No.12 Goldeast Paper 金东纸业 Website: 

No.13 Aisa Simbol 亚太森博 Website:

No.14 Jinzhou Paper 金洲纸业 Website:

No.15 Jianhui Paper 建晖纸业 Website: 

NO.16 Gold Hongye Paper Group 金红叶纸业 Website:  

No.17 Jingxing Paper 景兴纸业 Website: 

No.18 Gold Pheonix Paper 金凤凰纸业 Website: 

No.19 Jingui Pulp & Paper 金桂浆纸业 Website: 

No.20 Sunshine Paper Group 世纪阳光纸业 Website: 

      The above top paper makers involves the production of almost all the papers, covering newsprint, coated paper, uncoated printing and writing paper, household paper, white board, specialty paper, packaging paper, corrugated paper etc. As for bamboo household paper brands and factories, they are mostly from Sichuan, Guizhou, Zhejiang and Guangdong etc, China. If you are right sourcing high quality health bamboo pulp, bamboo household paper (facial tissue, packet tissue, kitchen towels etc) and paper-making machinery from China, for any paper sourcing you are free to contact us for any question related. 

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