Thursday, 13 August 2020

Three simple steps to distinguish the quality of bamboo papers

 There are dozens of bamboo paper brands on the market at present and for lots of citizens it is hard for them to distinguish the quality of bamboo tissues with their eyes and hands as they do feel and look the same. 

The high quality bamboo tissue is made by 100% bamboo pulp while for some cheaper or low quality bamboo tissue, they are made by the mix pulp (bamboo pulp with other pulp during production). Here is a simple way for you to find out the truth regarding their quality: 

Step 1: Prepare two cups of water and two pieces of different quality bamboo paper

Step 2: Pour the cup with clean water and soak the samples into the water for 3 minutes

Step 3: Take out the samples and scrub them on your skin, you will get the results.

Result: The low quality bamboo paper will break into tiny pieces after soaking and scrubbing. Please click the video link below to see how:

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